The Legislation

The Essential Services Legislation requires that buildings are required to have essential services fitted and maintained in an operational state to ensure adequate levels of safety over the life of the building. The objective of maintenance is to ensure that every essential service continues to perform at the same level of operation that existed at the time of commissioning.

The regulations require that the owner:

  • Inspect essential services and record results in accordance with the Australian Standards.
  • Complete essential services reports.
  • Maintain inspection records on the premises for compliance inspections by the Municipal Building Surveyor, Metropolitan Fire
  • Brigade or Country Fire Authority.

1call manages the essential services through to the signing and display of the Annual Report utilizing 6 steps of sequence:

1. Date Collection
A trained operative will inspect the building and identify and log all relevant essential services present in your building.
2. Entry of Data onto Database
3. Essential Services Manual
Generate the Essential Services manual and install on site, including a secure cabinet if required.
4. Services Maintenance Contracts
1call will negotiate with specialist service providers to ensure that all the equipment and inspection requirements are covered.
5. Operational
1call produces a schedule of the maintenance required and ensures that the contractors complete and sign the checklist prior to sending it back to our office. We regularly inspect the building to update the on-site log book and perform building inspections.
6. Annual Review
The Building's Essential Services are constantly reviewed but particularly for the Annual Report as this is required to be signed, dated and displayed by the nominated due date.

1call ensures that the Annual Report is a procedural formality by constantly reviewing the Essential Services throughout the year.